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About Elvenworks

Elvenworks is a tech company created to improve the experience with Digital Products. Our platform help teams build reliable Products. It’s also valuable for many companies that rely on technology solutions that must be available all the time but very often are not.

We have all gone through frustration like an unavailable ATM or a store that crashes right before closing an order. Waiting more than 10 minutes for an app driver that seems to close (and then so far away) on the map can drive us crazy.

Impressive as it seems, some doctors choose a hospital where a patient record is easier to fill. Some restaurants lose clients because the invoice system is constantly crashing.

Creating Digital Products is hard, even with all the innovations coming up all the time. There are so many things that could go wrong; thinking carefully might make us give up before we begin.

But it’s so nice solving real problems with technology! Passion gives us strength and leads us to victory even with so many difficulties.

Monitoring plays an important, albeit challenging, role for companies and their clients. When everything’s OK, it needs to stay invisible and not disturb. When a problem occurs, it must warn everyone as soon as possible to minimize and maybe prevent impact on clients.

Monitoring seems complex and expensive, but we believe it can be easier and affordable. We can use it to build reliable products that don’t let customers down. And we can use it to save us from bad technology products that give us trouble all the time.

Whether you work in a Product company or in a company that needs reliable technologies, we want to understand your problems and help you win.

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