Setup Status Page

In One Platform it is possible to generate a status page about your applications and dependencies registered in your digital product. This page is modular and customizable according to your needs or your customer. It can be configured which applications

Sending Hits and Failures

Access the application you want to configure monitoring, and click on the “Hits and Failures API” button. Then, a popup will open on the screen containing the information that will be used in the communication between your environment and 1P,

Setup Call Rotation

The “Call Rotation” feature is designed for the distribution of notifications in case of on-call workers, team escalation and notification via SMS and call. Call Rotation is configured per team. It will be activated in case of an incident for

Latencies and deployments graphic

Feature available along with application metrics for monitoring the performance and impact of deployments. The graphic shows the response time between the 1P agent and the application through the determined route by the health check URL. Also presenting the deployments

What is external monitoring and when to enable it?

After configuring the previous steps, One Platform will insert an agent in your cloud provider that does the internal monitoring and generates the resilience matrix for your product. The external monitoring function acts by monitoring through an external agent (as

Setup Application

After creating a product, it is necessary to configure the applications to complete the resilience matrix and start monitoring. To insert the applications in your product, click on “new resource” and then, a pop up will appear with 3 types

Setup Product

This is where we find the Resilience Matrix with the information generated by One Platform (1P). Click on “Products” in the sidebar. A “NEW” button will appear, almost in the page header. Click this button. In this step, you will

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