Cloud FinOps: The Unit Economics Era

The concept of FinOps is relatively new: just a year ago the book “Cloud FinOps: Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management” was released, postulating the basic principles of the FinOps approach. In chapter 1, the author J.R.Storment discusses the central theme,

Cloud Security: Encryption and Key Management

In the last post in the series on cloud computing for beginners, we analyzed the microservices features and the resources necessary for their smooth operation. In this post, we will address the issues surrounding security and encryption in cloud computing.

What is a Resilience Matrix and how it can boost your Digital Product

One of the key practices for Digital Teams that aim to have 99.999% availability on their systems in the cloud is tracking versions of Applications and Services and get to know all dependencies between them. This is part of Old

Top 12 most popular tools for Log Management

Nowadays, most organizations keep their application logs. These logs have crucial data about the user, traffic, configuration, performance and security aspects of a distributed IT ecosystem. The granular monitoring and effective log analysis can offer organizations opportunities to make continuous

Serverless computing working to the fast product release cycle

So far, in this series on cloud computing for beginners, we’ve seen some of the main components, features and functionality present in cloud computing. One of them, called  server, is precisely what provides the functionality of programs and devices, called

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