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Efficiency and practicality for your IT operation

Monitoring & Observability

Monitoring and observability of applications, services, and integrations. Simplified, accessible, and efficient

Incident Management

A comprehensive incident management platform, featuring Call-Rotation, Status Pages, Postmortem, and WhatsApp

Engineering Metrics

 All SRE availability indicators and Dora Metrics presented in a straightforward manner

We speed up your digital product

One Platform provides clear results, with simple operations, and accessible information for all types of companies.

Before we adopted 1P, we only used AWS Cloudwatch native metrics, but we had little visibility. The segmentation by Products and Brands helped us a lot to empower teams and significantly reduced our incidents and degradations.

- Suno Research - Líder DevOps

We had difficulties with the adoption of Dynatrace and realized that it would be unfeasible to influence the evolution roadmap of the tool. We adopted the Elven platform, which had total interest in developing connectors to better cover our environments. This close relationship also motivated us to qualify the team in the SRE Training Program.

- GuruApp - Head de Cloud

We started to adopt 1P gradually with some applications. It quickly became our main solution for monitoring and engaging the team on incidents, helping to identify root causes and reducing our incident resolution time. We are also training our staff with the Elven Training Programs.

- GamersClub - Principal Software Engineer

1P caught our attention for the visibility it provides to business teams, including alerts via Whatsapp. We are following the rapid evolution of the platform, and it has followed our rate of growth.

- Facily - SRE / DevOps Tech Lead

We are a specialized consultancy and in order to achieve scale gains it is essential to standardize tools and processes. Today, our entire customer support operation is structured using 1P, which is a tool that facilitates managing the flow and is flexible for our internal control and our customers.

- DatenWorks - Cloud Lead & Partner

One Platform is helping us analyze engineering metrics, natively offering the indicators we wanted to use. No external integration was required for our team.

- Ingresse - Chief Technology Officer

Before 1P, we started a project to integrate 3 different solutions, obtain the indicators we needed and build a Resilience Matrix. Tracking response time and incidents across deployments was also a considerable challenge. We wanted to have a Single View. However, the project became very costly and difficult to maintain. Now with One Platform, we have everything we need in one solution.

- BioRitmo SmartFit - DevOps/SRE Manager

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