Professional Services

Monitoring | Observability | Incident Management

Our Professional Services elevate your company’s performance with dedication and expertise to ensure solid and lasting results, all designed to amplify your success!

In collaboration with your team, our team designs, builds, and evolves your entire monitoring, observability, and incident management stack for your digital products, ensuring that your operation performs well and aligns with your business strategy.

Project Implementation

Our approach begins with a crucial step: assessment. We conduct a comprehensive mapping of the current scenario, combining technical and business aspects to ensure full coverage of the defined scenarios. Regardless of the players chosen for the stack, our experts execute the implementation and improvement project based on the specific identified needs.

Continuous Operation and Support

After a successful implementation, our team continues to enhance your operations. We take responsibility for managing your monitoring, observability, and incident management stack, ensuring maximum operational efficiency. No matter which stack you choose, we are prepared to meet your needs.

NOC\Command Center

We have a highly skilled NOC/Command Center to detect and address incidents in real-time. Our Level 1 (L1) service utilizes the execution of runbooks to streamline the troubleshooting process. We harness the power of the One Platform (1P), an intuitive tool that facilitates communication and efficient process management.

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