Google Workspace + OnePlatform integration with SSO

SSO Configuration with SAML (Single Sing-On)


1 – In Google Workspace, go to Apps > Web and mobile apps

2 – Select Add app > Add custom SAML app


3 – Fill in the following data: 

  • App name: OnePlatform (Suggested name)
  • Description: (Optional) 
  • App Icon: (Optional) OnePlatform Icon 


4 – Copy the Entity ID and download the Certificate. Click CONTINUE

5 – Open OnePlatform in a new tab, click on Settings Organization

6 – Select the Single Sign-On tab

7 – Fill in the Sign In URL field with the Entity ID copied in step “4” and select the downloaded Certificate file

8 – Copy the following data obtained from OnePlatform:
  • Entity ID

9 – Paste the copied data into the corresponding fields in Workspace, as shown in the image below.

10 – Choose the format you want for the app name (First name, Last name or Primary e-mail) and click CONTINUE

11 – Open the created app and click on User Access

12 – Enable access for Workspace users to use this app. Users who are enabled will be able to log in to OnePlatform

  • If you to release it to all workspace users, select ON for everyone and click in SAVE


  • If you want, configure a specific group in your workspace and, by clicking on Group, select the desired group, then activate the ON switch and click on SAVE


13 – Wait until the App created to access OnePlatform appears. This may take a few minutes 



Configuration for user synchronization on OnePlatform


1 – Enter the Google Cloud, select the menu through the 3 bars located in the top left corner, select IAM & Admin > Service Accounts


2 – Click Create Service Account