External Service Cloudwatch


All of the following steps must be done after External
Integration has already been configured by the ElvenWorks team. Request
integration via chat on the platform or on the website.


1 – In AWS we must create a lambda, in the services menu by lambda, then Create Function:



When creating the lambda, we must inform the name and Runtime. By default, Node.js 16x is used.



After filling in the fields above, click on CREATE FUNCTION.

2- After accessing the created lambda, in code source replace the default with the one provided by the Elvenworks team.



Click deploy, after entering the provided code.

3- Access the SNS service:


After accessing the service, access topics and then create topic:

Select the Standard option, with a name of your choice.



After that click on Create topic

4 – When creating the topic, the next step is to associate the created lambda. To do this, scroll the mouse cursor to the end of the page and click on Create Subscription.


Select the topic created, in protocol choose AWS Lambda and in the endpoint select the one created for the integration. After that click on Create subscription.

5 – After creating the SNS topic, we must configure it in Cloudwatch.