Monitoring and Observability to improve our lives

Every company depends on reliable technology. Good monitoring will improve the experience of your customers and your employees.

 <span class="f_700">Monitoring and Observability</span> to improve our lives

Your Product's Control Panel

We connect all the data you need to manage your Product in one place instead of several scattered tools.

Success Stories

“Before 1P, we started a project to integrate 3 different solutions to have the Metrics we need and display a Resilience Matrix. Tracking response time against deployments and incidents was also a challenge. We wanted to have everything in a Single Pane of Glass. However, the project became too costly and hard to maintain. Now with One Platform, we have everything we need in a single solution.”

Wilbert Ribeiro – DevOps/SRE Manager at BioRitmo

“One Platform is helping us analyze engineering metrics, offering out of the box the key indicators we wanted to use. No external integrations needed for our team.”


Chief Technology Officer – Ingresse



Small Teams | Small Workloads


Product teams that want to improve Reliability


Customized for your needs

Easy Setup
Application and Service Catalog
Web Monitoring
Slack, Telegram, Teams, Google Chat, Discord and Webhook alerts
Resilience Matrix
Response time x Deployment Graph
Incident management
Call Rotation
Whatsapp Alerts and BOT
Public StatusPage
Longer Data Retention
SRE / Accelerate Metrics
Customer Success
Observability Customer Success
Observability and SRE Marketplace


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